My penguin avatar

Hi! I'm Linus, also known as linusg online and often recognizable by the penguin avatar above :^)

A lot of what I do involves computers — I've taught myself programming as a kid and have been doing it ever since, both professionally and as a hobby.

My interests in programming have covered a number of topics over the years: the web, games, mobile, low level, to name a few. However I still see myself as a generalist, both in terms of languages and topics I'm interested in!

In practice a lot of my focus is on the Web platform. I now work on JavaScript-related infrastructure more than doing regular web development. Regardless I find that developing for the web can be a joyful experience despite all of its quirks :^)

Through this shift of focus I also got interested in standards work, first becoming an Invited Expert in TC39 for my involvement in Ladybird and now being a delegate as part of my dayjob.

I also enjoy embrace self-hosting software: this website, monitoring, OwnTracks, several Nextclouds, my own Mastodon instance, and various other small services.

For the last five years I've been living in London, but I can be often found travelling Europe by train — it's fun!


Contact via Discord, Signal, IRC, and snail mail has been deprecated, please try any of the above first :^)

If you want to send me something encrypted, you can do so using age. My public key is:



I hack on a lot of open source software in my spare time, often focusing on one project at a time. A handful of them are listed below, various others can be found on my GitHub and Codeberg accounts.

⚡ Kiesel

For the past year my most active project has been Kiesel, a JavaScript engine I wrote from scratch in Zig! It runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, the web via Wasm, and the 3DS (yes, really). There is still lots of work to do — you're welcome to check it out and join the fun, or ask any questions you may have :^)

🐞 SerenityOS / Ladybird

Before that I was an active contributor and maintainer in the SerenityOS project, mostly working on LibJS and LibWeb which eventually turned into the Ladybird browser. I've done a bit of work on GUI applications, the kernel, and a handful of ports (notably python3) as well.

🌍 OwnTracks

I also created and still (try to) maintain the OwnTracks frontend, a Vue.js web app.

Friends / Cool People